Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ALL CARBON! Jay Leno's Garage takes on the SpeedKore Mustang GT350R

Carbon Fiber Body Panel Mustang GT350R from SpeedKore

The name of the game with exotic and sports cars these days (for all days, really, since the dawn of the automobile) is to save weight. The less weight the better, allowing your engine and its horsepower rating to feel stronger... 

Estimates vary as to how much weight can be saved - and I'm going to research this to see if I can find the answer - but I'm curious as to how much this beautiful all-carbon fiber body panel Mustang from SpeedKore weighs - compared to a stock Mustang on which it's based. 

I once toured a weapons manufacturing facility, and was lucky to see the process by which helicopter rotors are spun using carbon fiber... and I would love to see the same process for this Mustang!

Check out Jay's tour of the SpeedKore Mustang GT350R...
Jay Leno's Garage takes on the SpeedKore Mustang GT350R

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